So, we’ve been doing this a long time…

…as has “new” drummer Marc, and as I prepare for tonight’s show at The Pinch in DC, I can reflect a bit.

My coworkers often ask about my shows. I guess the question I get asked the most is “do you still get nervous before a show?”


Every time.

It builds over the course of the day leading up to show, no matter how busy I am, and no matter what distractions I have. “Do I have everything?” Yes. “Even batteries for the wireless?” Yes. “Even batteries for Scott’s wireless, since he’ll forget them?” Yes.

Tonight adds multiple layers of concern, since a.) we’ve never played at The Pinch before, b.) this is the first show with Marc in over ten years, and c.) you always wonder: Are we really ready?

My nervousness always ends when the lights go down. Come out to The Pinch (all ages, 7PM, $8) and see how we address my concerns, and enjoy some butt-kicking metal from Burning Shadows, Death Penalty, and Suffer No Guilt while you’re at it.

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