Division proves that stellar songwriting and compelling lyrical content never go out of style.  Hailing from the morass of frustration that is our nation’s capital, this undeniably contemporary, and unapologetically metal, band has a long history of leveling audiences with its massive sonic assault.

It takes a lot to stack up to the giants and win over fickle audiences, but Division does just that on a regular basis.  Testament, Nevermore, Kamelot, Dio, King Diamond, Bruce Dickinson, Symphony X, and Iced Earth are just a few of the powerhouses they have graced the stage with, sending home rabid audiences of crazed music fans with the words of Division songs on their lips.  Showcasing dueling leads and sinewy harmonies, pounding rhythms and searing vocals, explosive stage shows and exacting performances, they present the complete package.  For nearly twenty years, Division has stood, while the trends have come and gone.

Division continues to play a rotating list of favorites from their first four CDs in current live shows, while building up to their fifth release, The Hate Machine, the first album featuring the return of prior members Scott Stewart, Dan Plunkett, and Marc Stauffer. This disc lives up to its title, with angry, anthemic songs like World Decay, Alpha (Feeding the Lie), and United We Fall being showcased before the album’s release.

Mike Blevins – Guitar

Dave Evans – Guitar

Marc Stauffer – Drums

Scott Stewart –  Vocals

Dan Plunkett –  Bass

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Control Issues

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Control Issues delivers a deep assortment of musical textures and emotions through songs that have been forged and tested in the unforgiving world of live concerts.