Mike Blevins – Guitar

Date of Birth: 03/29

Instrument Played in Division: Guitar, Vocals


Previous (and Current) Non-Division Bands: Defiance (Not the Bay Area one), Marching Blind, The Plague, Martyr (Not the Canadian one), Skeleton (Well, I was a temp), Visionary, Just Wanna Play

Current Gear:

2002 Jackson USA C/S Soloist 7, Trans Black
1988 Jackson USA Dinky, Pearl White
1999 Washburn Sonic 7, Silver
1989 Zion Turbo Stage Series, Pearl White
1995 Ovation Elite Standard, Greenburst

Mesa 3 Channel Triple Rectifier Solo Head, TC Electronics G-Major, Axess Electronics CFX-4, Digital Music Corporation Ground Effects, X2 Wireless, Furman Power Conditioner, Peavey 412MS Cabinet w/Celestion G12K-85 speakers

Gear Endorsements: Mesa/Boogie, Jackson Guitars, Clayton Custom Picks and Accessories

Band Influences: Maiden, Metallica (before 1990), Forbidden, Priest, Exodus, Testament, In Flames, Megadeth, Marillion, Rainbow, Yes, Blind Illusion, Celtic Frost, Sanctuary/Nevermore, UFO, MSG, Kiss, Rush, October Project, Coroner, Crimson Glory

Favorite Players: Ritchie Blackmore, Randy Rhoads, Tim Calvert, Craig Locicero, Alex Skolnick, Gary Holt, Dave Murray, James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, Chris Poland, Jeff Loomis, John Petrucci, Wolf Hoffman, Steve Howe, Alex Lifeson, Tommy Vetterli

Recent Favorite Albums:

  • Paradise Lost – Symphony X
  • We Are the Nightmare – Arsis
  • Traced In Air – Cynic
  • World Painted Blood – Slayer

Favorite Division Show: (Tie) Powermad 1998, w/Arsis, 2009

Favorite non-Division Concert: (Tie) Iron Maiden, “Seventh Son” tour, Cap Centre, 1988, Pain of Salvation, ProgPowerUSA I, Lansing, IL, 2001

Recent Division Memory: Scrambling to change our setlist in Chicago when we found out that Sacred Dawn was going to be playing “Hall of the Mountain King”.


Mike Blevins, Division

Mike Blevins, Division

Photo by Mike Gong, Shadowflood Photography

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