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So, In Case You Were Wondering…

…we are, in fact, still alive. A major revamp of this page is coming where we will a.) get rid of the Flash stuff and b.) update the art to reflect the upcoming album.

The album? Oh, yeah, look for an update on that, too.

Division with Michael Angelo Batio at Jammin’ Java on May 27th, 2016..

So, we’re finally emerging from the studio for a show – and what a good one it is, too. Serious Shred Productions put together this awesome lineup:
MAB Flier

So some of the best of local metal and some serious shredding to top off your night! Tickets are available from TicketFly here. We will be playing some songs from our upcoming CD, The Hate Machine, and might even have some special stuff going on, too. Kick off your (unofficial) summer right!

I hate canceling shows…

…but it happens. We won’t be appearing on January 15th at the Tree House Lounge in DC due to a health issue with one of the band members. We still want you all to go see Omnislash, Mikhail, Throwdown Syndicate and Hellpie, though – that’s what we’ll be doing.

Upcoming Shows

No shows booked at the moment.


Control Issues

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Control Issues delivers a deep assortment of musical textures and emotions through songs that have been forged and tested in the unforgiving world of live concerts.