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…Back on the road again…

(Hey, REO is from IL, right?)

So we embark on our first road trip with the current lineup on Saturday morning, heading for Midwest Metal Anthem at Brauerhouse in Lombard, IL. Five guys in one Toyota Sequoia driving 11 hours and leaving at 5AM – what could possibly go wrong?

We haven’t been to Chicagoland in quite some time, given all the lineup changes of the past few years. My wife is even giving me a pass on our anniversary so I could make this happen! I’m hoping to see our usual cast of crazies (Lotesto and Such, I’m looking at YOU) out and having a good time, and, as always, a big thanks to Ray and John for hosting this thing.

It’s $10, for each night of quality metal – what reason do you have for NOT showing up? We’ll be playing a lot of new stuff, so if you’d like to check it out before you head down, you can hear some samples from the pre-production demos in the player below. C’mon out and bang some heads – we’re there on Saturday (right after Scar, Inc), so if you can make it for only one day, well, you know which one!

So, we’ve been doing this a long time…

…as has “new” drummer Marc, and as I prepare for tonight’s show at The Pinch in DC, I can reflect a bit.

My coworkers often ask about my shows. I guess the question I get asked the most is “do you still get nervous before a show?”


Every time.

It builds over the course of the day leading up to show, no matter how busy I am, and no matter what distractions I have. “Do I have everything?” Yes. “Even batteries for the wireless?” Yes. “Even batteries for Scott’s wireless, since he’ll forget them?” Yes.

Tonight adds multiple layers of concern, since a.) we’ve never played at The Pinch before, b.) this is the first show with Marc in over ten years, and c.) you always wonder: Are we really ready?

My nervousness always ends when the lights go down. Come out to The Pinch (all ages, 7PM, $8) and see how we address my concerns, and enjoy some butt-kicking metal from Burning Shadows, Death Penalty, and Suffer No Guilt while you’re at it.

The War Drags Ever On…

(Yes, I just used a blog post title to link a video by a semi-obscure NWOBHM band. Get over it.)

So the upcoming Division album rolls onward. Some new song titles: World Decay, Angerman, and Forever Falling. We will be playing some of these songs when we reappear this summer, in time to play at the Midwest Metal Anthem in August.

I’ve heard comments on the pre-pro demos ranging from “That could have been on Ascension” to “that sounds nothing like the last album”. We’ll see what you all think soon enough.

In the meantime, go support our friends Iris Divine through their Kickstarter for “Karma Sown”.

No, we don’t have a title yet. I’m sure we’ll let you know when we do.

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