The War Drags Ever On…

(Yes, I just used a blog post title to link a video by a semi-obscure NWOBHM band. Get over it.)

So the upcoming Division album rolls onward. Some new song titles: World Decay, Angerman, and Forever Falling. We will be playing some of these songs when we reappear this summer, in time to play at the Midwest Metal Anthem in August.

I’ve heard comments on the pre-pro demos ranging from “That could have been on Ascension” to “that sounds nothing like the last album”. We’ll see what you all think soon enough.

In the meantime, go support our friends Iris Divine through their Kickstarter for “Karma Sown”.

No, we don’t have a title yet. I’m sure we’ll let you know when we do.

“…but change is.”

So, it should be no surprise to anyone that it’s time to announce another Division lineup change – it is Spring, after all, despite the wintry conditions. Some of you probably missed Mark Taylor’s tenure in the band, as we only did one show with him. Things just didn’t work out, despite the best wishes of all involved.

It comes as somewhat of a surprise to me that, once again, the circle of metal has encompassed us. After the return of Dan and Scott, I figured I was out of former members that would want to be involved. I was partially right…

Allow me to introduce Division’s new drummer, Marc Stauffer. Many (most) of you know Marc from his longtime tenure in Twisted Tower Dire, as well as his recent involvement in local bands like Hatred and Krass Judgement. Many of you don’t know (or might not remember) that Marc’s played with us before, for several rather blurry shows in 1999, including the Powermad 1999 festival.

Marc brings a similar musical background (translation: he’s old like the rest of us), bizarre sense of humor, and a whole lot of experience in the dank, dark underbelly of metal that isn’t mainstream to the band. We’re even willing to overlook his enjoyment of NASCAR.

Division is happy to have him on board for the forthcoming album and some summer festival shows to be announced soon. Now all we have to do is schedule shows with TTD so we can get him a real workout…

What’s that thumping sound?

Must be someone playing the drums!

I figure I’ve put this off long enough – Division would like introduce Mark Taylor as our new drummer. Some of you will know Mark from his recent tenure in Almost Human. We’d like to thank Dan Roem from Cab Ride Home for providing the hookup (long before James left, actually).

Thus far, Mark is fitting in well, which has to say something pretty awful about his mental state. We’re bringing him up to speed on the material in the standard Division manner – which is to say we’re insulting him when something is wrong – and Dave’s happy to have a FNG to pick on that’s actually 1.) new, and 2.) playing his usual instrument. (Hi, Tim!)

Look for us to return in the fall, with some new material in addition to a selection of the old stuff.


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